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Bubblegum Breath

Fun and Flavor is what the Candyman has been about for over 2 decades now in the Candy business. Whether it's mixing up flavor combinations like Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel, or Coconut Joy, The Candyman has got a flavor or 27 that will tempt and please your senses. It's always been about producing a consistent product of exceptional quality at a reasonable price with lots of options for flavors. 


The Candyman's love of Cannabis far surpasses his love of Chocolate and confections, and in fact the years of growing and breeding include 3 decades of love. Taking this passion for the plant and a desire to share all the many flavors of cannabis, the Candyman has decided to share his love of the many flavors of cannabis with the world. We cannot eat all the chocolate and we cannot grow all of the weed, so let's share it with the world and teach them to grow trees of many flavors.

We love what we do, both in the kitchen and in the gardens.

We believe that the love of what we do will shine thru in the seeds that we share with you. 

There are many ways to grow, tons of great genetics, many excellent choices of seeds, try as many as you have space to grow. And Remember to... Just Keep On Growing..... 

This is our Bubblegum Breath male, we call Hubba Bubba, on one of the many many beautiful days in the 49420.  Every day is a lovely day to be working in and around the plants. We believe in the home grower, and will always stand up for the rights of more people on this planet to be able to grow their own medicine and their own food.

"Homegrown is alright with me. Homegrown is the way it should be. Homegrown is a good thing. Plant that bell and let it ring."  -- Neil Young

I think Neil was calling the seeds we make a bell, and here at  Candyman Seeds we are all about Good Vibrations.  Look for the Hubba Bubba Bubblegum Breath Line in 2022, as well as the Beers and Sunshine PBS Lineup. Let's get sticky......

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